eMedia Network has become a leader in the broadcasting industry. Since its inception, we've been committed to giving customers and business partners superior value in our service from full time video, international broadcasting and telecommunications to multimedia platforms and value-added application services.

To us it's simple

Our focus is serving the international community's unique blend of cultures with delivery on multi-platforms, localised content, and ground control of subscriber management services, installations, marketing, local representation and key networks.

We are the partner of choice when it comes to offering timely, reliable, cost-efficient and creative broadcast solutions.

What we're all about

eMedia Network has the experience and resources you need in satellite distribution, cable distribution, IPTV distribution, system integration, subscriber acquisition and subscriber management services.

We tailor deliver to suit all existing and emerging technologies for each of our channel partners. We're always developing value-added application services to apply new technologies to old procedures. As we continue our growth, we further our partners' growth as well.

Sending the right signal

From Europe to America to Australia and all points in between, our global operations complement one another to effectively integrate flexible, quality services and also develop new services to offer total solutions to each customer.

Sharing the strength

We ally ourselves with operators both domestically and internationally to fuel our growth and our cost savings for customers in overlapping services including:

  • DTH Distribution
  • Cable Distribution
  • IPTV Distribution
  • Subscription Management Services

We measure our success through the success of our Broadcast Partners!

Channel Partners

  • HRT
  • RTL Televizija
  • Sportska Televizija
  • Z1
  • Kapital Network
  • 24 Sata
  • PTV Posavska Televizija
  • Bvn
  • Rnw
  • Duna World
  • Atv
  • Echo TV
  • Hir TV
  • MRT 1
  • MRT 2
  • MRT Sat
  • Era Television
  • Alfa TV
  • Pink
  • RTS
  • RTRS
  • RTV Vojvodine
  • RTV 1
  • RTV 2
  • K3
  • DM Sat
  • Soko TV
  • Mix
  • AlJazeera Balkans
  • Otv Valentino

Service Providers

  • Gss Media
  • Ethnic Channels Group
  • Stn
  • Intelsat
  • Eutelsat Communications
  • Arqiva
  • Encompass Digital Media
  • Irdeto
  • Zype
  • Roku
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Akamai
  • Limelight Networks
  • Level 3
  • LyngSat
We are always looking for talented people to join our team!

eMedia Network is an exciting place to work. We bring excitement and enjoyment to people's lives every day and we do it better than just about anyone. When you work here, you can write your story at the same time that you help write ours.

eMedia Network is a place where individuals can pursue their ambitions within a focused and purposeful business environment. eMedia Network is growing because individual endeavours and team achievement are balanced. The commitment you make to your role will be directed to the right goals for the right reasons and our shared success will translate into new and ever challenging opportunities for you to excel.

Our people make eMedia Network successful. Success is a moving target though, so together, we know that we must strive for a more and better everyday. There are a lot of people and organisations that are dedicated to achieving lofty goals. At eMedia Network you can see those same strong motivations in our people. What makes us different is that we also possess the discipline to win. We are motivated to achieve, disciplined to win.

If you are innovative, professional and passionate about your work, want challenges and a company that rewards you for your hard work, then eMedia Network is the right place for you. If so, please send us your resume, telling us about yourself and why you wish to be part of our team.

Contact information:
eMedia Network - America
San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Tel: + 1.703.768.2748
E-mail: info@emedianetwork.tv


eMedia Network - Australia
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tel: + 61.2.8006.1833
E-mail: info@emedianetwork.tv
eMEDIA NETWORK Headquarters:

eMedia Network - America
San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Tel: + 1.703.768.2748
E-mail: info@emedianetwork.tv
eMedia Network - Australia
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tel: + 61.2.8006.1833
E-mail: info@emedianetwork.tv
eMEDIA NETWORK World-Wide Sales Offices:

Toronto, Canada
Tel: + 1.703.768.2746 x 306
E-mail: canada-east@emedianetwork.tv
Vancouver, Canada
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E-mail: canada-west@emedianetwork.tv
Zagreb, Croatia
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