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Since it was founded 10 years ago, EURO World Network has become one of the world’s leading operators able to fuse together traditional broadcasting with cutting edge new technologies for marketing & platform provider serving some of the world’s best international broadcasters while maintaining its one-on-one service for the smallest of channel partners wanting to get off the ground or support a small niche market groups. EURO World Network has seen some of it's channel partners grow to be represented on some of the biggest platforms in the world.


EURO World Network – a global leader in Direct to Home and IPTV/OTT technologies – announced today that it is changing its corporate name to eMedia Network. The name change reflects the company’s broader broadcasting commitment and its expertise in driving the innovations needed to shape the future of broadcasting management through digital technology solutions.


eFUSION is the technology arm of eMedia Network and is a media technology and content distribution company providing broadcasters, television channels and content owners with a complete end-to-end custom solution, from its broadcasting services through end-device and white label applications.


iON powered by eMedia Network is a world-wide OTT/IPTV platform specializing in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization of multicultural television & radio programming. We deliver LIVE, CATCH UP and ON DEMAND content to every internet enabled device imaginable; empowering broadcasters/channel partners and wowing audiences around the world with interactive experiences leading the digital revolution.